Default Prefix: ??

Command Description Example
??ask , ??? Ask a question - Ask a question and receive an answer as soon as its ready in the same channel. This will cost you some favor. ??? What should i ask?
??answer , ??! Answer questions - Answer a question to gain 1 favor. ??!
??myprofile , ??mp My Profile - Show your status and favor. ??mp
??myquestions , ??mq My Questions - Your own past and active questions. ??mq
??latest [page] , ??l [page] Latest Questions - Show the latest questions that were asked globally. Add a number to page through. ??l, ??l 3
??tip <answerId> <amount> Tip - Tip some favor to the author of an answer if you liked it. ??tip 0000 0.5
??show <questionId> Show questions - Shows a question and it's answers with the given id. ??show 0000
??report question <questionId> unrelated|atos , ??report answer <answerId> unrelated|atos Report a user's question or answer. - Report a user for inappropriate, against-TOS (f.e. copyrighted, sexual or racist content) or unrelated content. The reason and can either be "atos" (against terms of service) or "unrelated" if the answer has nothing to do with the question. ??report question 0000 atos
??help , ??h Help - Get help and few commands. ??help

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